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Who We Are

Youth Employment and Support Services (YESS) is funded through the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WFOA) of 2015.

It is a local, community-based, nonprofit program dedicated to helping young adults complete their education and find employment. YESS helps participants improve their self-esteem, employability, career choices and self-sufficiency.

What We Do

Youth Employment and Support Services (YESS):

  • Provides guidance and career planning that helps young adults identify and select preferred education and career options.
  • Helps students prepare and pay for the GED® (high school equivalency diploma).
  • Helps students complete their applications for scholarships and admittance to post-secondary educational institutions.
  • Helps young adults initiate the search and preparation for jobs, including:
    • Arranging opportunities for job shadowing and obtaining work experience.
    • Helping to match skills to jobs and, if necessary, helping participants pursue job training.
    • Providing job leads.
    • Helping participants develop resumes and complete job applications.
    • Providing participants assistance with interview preparation.
  • Provides financial assistance, which may include funding for:
    • Job tools, work-appropriate clothing and uniforms, supplies and transportation.
    • School and training program tuition and fees, books and supplies.

Our History

The U.S. Congress funds the Youth Employment and Support Services (YESS) through the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WFOA) of 2015. The program has been administered locally by the City of Lincoln, Nebraska’s, Urban Development Department since 2006. The city first provided services as the WIA Youth Program through One Stop Employment Solutions. In 2009, the program was renamed YESS to better reflect the services it provides and the population it serves.

Who We Serve

Youth Employment and Support Services (YESS) serves eligible young adults. To qualify for participation in this program, applicants must:

  • Be at least 14 and not have reached his/her 25th birthday.
  • Live in Lancaster or Saunders counties in Nebraska.
  • Meet income eligibility guidelines.
  • Possess at least one barrier that makes it more difficult to finish school or find and keep a job without assistance, such as pregnancy, parenting or court involvement. Contact YESS to learn about the criteria.

Service Area

YESS ServiceMap2

Our Mission

YESS provides assistance and resources to help young adults identify and achieve their education and career goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is a future in which all young people have opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.

Our Values

At YESS, we believe:

  • Making a difference in individual lives enhances the quality of life in the whole community.
  • A helping hand can often release the full potential of an individual.
  • All young people are unique and have great personal worth.
  • Successful educational and employment experiences can facilitate a young person’s personal growth, enable him or her to be self-reliant, and enhance lives.
  • All young people should be treated with honesty, courtesy, dignity and respect; neither bias nor prejudice is tolerated.
  • We must help young people overcome the ever-changing challenges they face in achieving a good education and career success.
  • We expect our participants to empower themselves, using their own talents and commitment, combined with our guidance, to achieve personal success.