Amber gained invaluable work experience…

YESS Results

Amber is a past participant of the YESS Program


“YESS offered support and assistance that allowed me to stay in college while facing barriers in my life that may have caused a person to drop out.”

“I gained invaluable work experience through the YESS Summer Works Program.”

“Bethany Olsen was a staunch advocate who sincerely cared about helping me get into the YESS program. She helped me with eligibility and handled all kinds of paperwork, which made the application process easy and smooth.”

“My case manager, Andrea Chandler, was my rock. She held me accountable and asked me to push myself. She also listened when things were tough and offered advice and solutions when she could. She stood by me during setbacks and never gave up on me. Her support was an important factor in my success.”

“My case manager, Andrea Chandler, was my rock. She knew what was best for me even when I didn’t, and encouraged me to make wise decisions that made a difference in the end, which in my youth I couldn’t foresee.”

“When I was in the YESS program, I felt like I wasn’t alone. I had people who believed in me and were there for me, and I didn’t want to let them or myself down.”

“I was happy to graduate from Southeast Community College and receive my diploma, as I didn’t think I’d even make it to college. YESS made it possible.”

“YESS staff gave me guidance that enabled me to make wise choices early, which set the course for me to be able to keep gainful employment, work on obtaining a bachelor’s degree, as I’m doing right now, and have faith that a good future is possible.”

* All YESS assistance is provided in conjunction with client participation in training activities.


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