YESS Helped put Augusta on the path of citizenship…

YESS Results

Meet Augusta, a past participant of the YESS Program


“YESS staff provided the support system I needed for going to college and getting my dream job. They set me up for greatness.”

“YESS provided tutoring, financial assistance for things like my rent and bills, help with my car and even work. Everything they offered was helpful.”

“My counselor Andrea helped me navigate through so many things – getting permanent residency, applying for scholarships and college, and even identifying what career path I wanted to pursue. She was encouraging, supportive and understanding.”

“Bonn helped me get a job through the Summer Works Program as an office assistant for the Arbor Day Foundation. Getting a position in a professional setting right out of high school set me up for great things, including being qualified for more professional jobs.”

“Although I completed the YESS program many years ago, I still am in contact with staff to this day. I can call them and talk through problems or issues, and they still work with me. I can always count on them.”

“YESS staff helped me succeed, and I can’t thank them enough. They are a great support system and are always there for you.”

* All YESS assistance is provided in conjunction with client participation in training activities.


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