Delonte earned two associate’s degrees with no debt…

YESS Results

Meet Delonte, a past participant of the YESS Program


“YESS was a one-stop shop, helping me pay for tuition, books and more.”

“I worked with Andrea Chandler during my time with the YESS program. Andrea was very easy to work with. She made sure I was aware of all tasks that needed to be completed in order to receive assistance from YESS.”

“The assistance I received from YESS allowed to me graduate from Southeast Community College with two associate degrees and zero debt. This played a significant role in my decision to pursue my bachelor’s degree. In 2015, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Bellevue University.”

“My earnings have gone up with each degree I earned, and YESS contributed to each.”

“With each degree I earned, my income significantly increased and, whether directly or indirectly, I have YESS to thank for this.”

“I now have a great job in the Technology Services Division at Lincoln Electric System. I appreciate how YESS helped me get the education I needed to be where I am today.”

“YESS staff members want you to be successful and will do everything in their power to help you succeed.”

* All YESS assistance is provided in conjunction with client participation in training activities.


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