Michael received financial assistance from YESS…

Meet Michael, a past participant of the YESS Program


“YESS is great! It provided me financial assistance for tuition, books, fees and even mileage while attending Southeast Community College in Milford. This support enabled me to work fewer hours and spend more time on my studies. I appreciate that this funding was available to help keep my student loans lower.”

“My career planner, Bonn Khanthasene, was easy to work with and kept me informed about everything required to participate successfully in YESS programs. He also was flexible in setting up appointments when I needed to meet with him . . . I would like to thank Bonn and everyone else I worked with at YESS for the support and assistance I received.”

“It was easy to apply and be accepted into the YESS program.”

* All YESS assistance is provided in conjunction with client participation in training activities.


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