When Nathan needed a job, YESS helped him…

Job Leads

Meet Nathan, a past participant of the YESS Program


“The YESS program provided personal assistance and guidance that have been a great help to me.”

“Before placing me in a job, my case manager, Bonn Khanthasene, got a feel for the type of things I like to do. When he learned I liked working with my hands and had been in school for construction, he got me a job working with the city’s Public Works Department. I enjoyed that job.”

“I highly suggest the YESS program to anyone who is looking to get a job or make a fresh start.”

“YESS is a great program for helping people to start over.”

“Bonn Khanthasene is a great coach. He is down to earth, straightforward and honest. He also works to understand you as a person, a factor that helped him help me find a job that aligned with my interests and skills.”

“Bonn Khanthasene is trustworthy and honest. You can rely on him.

“YESS helped me find a good starting job doing something I enjoyed.”

“At YESS, they listen and get to know you before they provide advice on what they feel is the best course for you to pursue.”

“YESS teaches you what you need to know to handle a job well.”

* All YESS assistance is provided in conjunction with client participation in training activities.


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