YESS Services

Planning: Career and Personal

YESS Services

YESS Career Planners help with the following:

  • Career Planning
  • Discover your strengths and interests.
  • Match strengths and interests to a satisfying career.
  • Guidance in determining educational and employment goals.
  • Job-readiness skills.
  • Learn how to apply for and keep a job.




YESS works with Southeast Community College to help participants earn a GED® certificate.

Financial Assistance; Incentives – YESS can pay for your preparation classes and test fees.

Test Preparation – YESS Career Planners (CPs) can guide you in preparation for:

  • College/Technical Training/Certificates – Associates degree/licenses
  • On-site literacy and basic education classes to prepare for the GED® and college.

College/Technical Training

Applications – CPs can help you apply to college/technical training.

Financial Assistance – YESS has funding for test fees, tuition, supplies and books.

Incentives – In some cases, you could receive money or other rewards for successfully completing exams or tasks.


YESS ServicesApplication and Resume Assistance

  • Develop your resume to submit to employers.
  • Learn how to apply for a job (online and/or in person).
  • Learn where to look online and elsewhere for job listings.

Interview Prep

  • How to be ready for a job interview.
  • Review questions you may be asked and learn how to answer.
  • What you should wear.

Career Planning

  • Discover your strengths and interests.
  • Match strengths/interests to a satisfying career.
  • Learn skills to apply for and keep a job.
  • Job shadowing opportunities.

Job Fairs

YESS often participates in Job/Career Fairs. Go to our Events page for the calendar.

Support Services

In many cases YESS may pay for:

  • School textbooks.
  • School/employment supplies.
  • Required clothing (like uniforms, scrubs, work boots, professional attire).
  • Tools (for example, carpentry, salon tools).
  • Transportation (like bus passes, car repairs).
  • Mental Health or Personal counseling with qualified providers


Participation in the YESS program provides the opportunity to build references.

Job Leads

YESS Career Planners know many employers who are looking for workers. They will suggest these positions for your follow up. Services are also available to access Job Leads through AJC.

Work Experience

YESS has partners who provide paid and unpaid work experience.

  • Work experience helps you learn what a career entails.
  • It helps you learn how to keep a job and offers solid advice about basic skills that can improve your life.
  • It helps you build a resume.

YESS Services

Tutoring and Skills Improvement

  • Improve your reading and/or math skills.
  • Prepare for GED®.
  • Prepare for exams.

Participant Responsibilities

If you are ready, YESS is ready with options. Bring your A Game and learn the seven values to success:

  1. Attitude: Be positive and respectful.
  2. Accountability: Come prepared to succeed.
  3. Attendance: Be on time; let us know in advance if you are going to be late or cannot attend. Attend all events.
  4. Appearance: Dress appropriately.
  5. Ambition: Be willing to be involved and to participate.
  6. Acceptance: Be willing to learn and to teach others.
  7. Appreciation: Show respect for yourself, the facility and others.